15 to 15: 15 Favorite Lists and Rankings

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6 Responses

  1. Tyler S says:

    My favorite list is the list of best years of new coasters. I would like to see a list of the most surprising coasters (like ones that did way better than people thought they would) or a list of best collections of coasters at parks.

  2. Sean Maurer says:

    I really enjoyed the Logo Set list. Looks like I have some purchases to make!

  3. Derek says:

    The Lego set list!

  4. Tom Cain says:

    I’m old so my fav is the 50+ coasters! Still can’t beat an old classic woodie! When I hear folks complain about how some coasters are “too rough” I just cringe. Growing up 45 minutes east of Cedar Point, Blue Streak was my first and still an all time favorite. The stories of how we rode the Streak when I worked there in the mid 70s still make me smile I’m just said that the manual controls were removed.

    • Eric Wooley says:

      That’s awesome Tom! And I’m right there with you on rough (except for Vekoma SLCs, those are too rough). And I always find a treat when I ride a coaster that still uses manual controls.

  5. Zach W says:

    My favorite list would probably have to be the best of the 2010s, but all in all, Id love to see a list of the most innovative attractions of all time. It’s really neat to think of all the coasters that broke the mold and opened new doors into the industry.

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