10 Hersheypark Tips from a First-Time Visitor

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  1. Zachary says:

    Wow these are some awesome tips!One thing about the dining and food(this goes for all theme parks),you should always try one of their small less known restaurants rather than their fast food restaurants.

  2. Jen says:

    I usually go to Hershey a few times a year. My food tip is go prepared for gluttony. The milk shake place with the king sized shakes, those things are awesome and crazy. A cupcake stuck to a milkshake? Why not? You only live once. I also love those whoopie pies. Maybe I ran over to chocolate world during lunch break at a conference I was attending, and maybe I met a friend at the park gate who brought me a whoopie pie. I usually have lunch at Chocolate World when I’m at the park. If you happen to go when it’s cold out, the soups in a bread bowl are great. If you’re staying over, you can go around the back area and get yourself a cookie or cupcake for a late night snack. Hershey is just one of my favorite parks for eating. Packing your own lunch here is criminal.

  3. BNC says:

    I am a local and a season pass member to Hersheypark. I’d totally recommend the Smokehouse across from the roller coaster, Trailblazer. It’s GREAT and a TON of food for the price!! Inside tip- get the meal pass! It’s only $10.60 for a meal at specific places at the park. At the smokehouse you can get a huge turkey leg or sandwich with a side and drink. So worth it. Water is always free, just walk up to a stand and ask for a cup of ice water.

  4. Cheryl S Barnes says:

    Good tips, but staying on site for 2 nights cost the same as staying off site for 5 nights from my research. We are going for the 1st time in 2 weeks, so these tips are wonderful.

    • sajjad says:

      we plan on going this weekend. making it a day trip, since we are only a couple of hours away. with this experience will decide whether to do a 2 or 3 day trip later in the fall

  5. Ken says:

    Great site and good tips!

    Are there certain time frames for the Hersey Fast Track? I read that only certain coasters are available during 2-hour time blocks. That review for from 2015, so I’m not sure if that’s still the case. I thought you might know.


    • John says:

      Hi, Ken. I don’t believe you are limited to specific time frames with either the standard or unlimited Fast Track passes.

  6. Kasey says:

    Followed your coaster order and it worked out perfectly. We skipped Fahrenheit after our 9 year old saw the first vertical drop but did everything else (and hit candymonium with a 25 minute line at 7pm during our preview the night before) all of our wait times were less than 25 minutes until we hit Jolly Rancher Remix (formerly sidewinder). It was listed at 30, but was more like 45). We had dinner reservations at 3:30 at the chocolatier and that actually worked out perfect for usbecuade we were getting tired at that time. Didn’t leave restaurant until closer to 5:30 after several cocktails, mochtails, dinner and shared desserts. We went back to our hotel for an hour then went back to the park for two more hours of fun before the park closed. Our family had such a good time. Will be back.

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