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20 in 2020: Stealth at California’s Great America

In the year 2000, roller coaster fans finally got to experience something that parks had touted for years but never really achieved: the true feeling of flight. On April 1, 2000, Stealth, the World’s First Flying Coaster, opened at Paramount’s Great...


Holiday Gift Guide for Coaster Enthusiasts 2020

If you’re in search of a gift for a roller coaster enthusiast this holiday season, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been publishing our annual gift guide since 2011, and our 2020 roller coaster enthusiast gift guide features a diverse selection...


From Tame To Thrilling: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

When people think of Central Florida theme parks, there is (deservedly) a lot of focus on the Orlando area. However, what many people don’t consider while generalizing “Central Florida Theme Parks,” is actually located an hour-ish southwest of Orlando on...


20 in 2020: Speed: The Ride

As the slogan goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Unless you’re a roller coaster that would have turned 20 this year, and then we write about it on Coaster101.com. In this volume of “20 in 2020,” we’ll be...