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Top 5 Coasters at Six Flags Great America

What are the best roller coasters at Six Flags Great America? The Chicago amusement park has 14 coasters to choose from, with one more opening in a few months. The park features an array of “mild to wild” coasters with...


Kentucky Flyer Rises at Kentucky Kingdom

Kentucky Kingdom’s Kentucky Flyer wooden coaster is growing day by day, and the park has been documenting the construction regularly over the past few months. Below are just a few of my favorites. Kentucky Kingdom announced Kentucky Flyer in late...


Kings Dominion Announces Removal of Volcano: The Blast Coaster

Earlier tonight, on their official blog, Kings Dominion announced that Volcano: The Blast Coaster would be removed. According to Kings Dominion, the closure revolved around the inability to keep Volcano: The Blast Coaster up to the park’s high reliability and...