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Hersheypark Announces Hyperdeck Virtual Reality Experience

Hersheypark is slated to have a busy year in 2020. Back in January, the park broke ground on their brand new Chocolatetown expansion, a 23-acre, $150-million area that will include shopping, dining, entertainment and their new B&M hyper coaster, Candymonium,...


Shane Joseph Joins the Coaster101 Writing Team

The Coaster101 team recently grew with the addition of our newest writer, Shane Joseph. Shane will cover the Northeast United States, which has historically been an area where we’ve lacked on-the-ground coverage. Shane started writing for the site back in...


Skyline Attractions Debuts Skywarp Orbit Ride

Skyline Attractions today unveiled plans for a new ride concept dubbed “Skywarp Orbit.” It’s the newest addition to Skyline’s growing collection of Skywarp models, including the “Classic” and “Horizon.” The Skywarp Orbit model stands 30 feet tall with a track...