Cedar Point Tops off 420′ Spike for Top Thrill 2

At Cedar Point, one of the biggest (literally) construction milestones for the upcoming 2024 debut of “Top Thrill 2” was accomplished over the weekend. The coaster’s new 420′ spike has been officially topped off, meaning that the track’s circuit is complete.

In an episode of Cedar Point’s recurring “Top Thrill 2Pit Stop” video series, Director of Communications Tony Clark noted that a mild fall and early winter has fortunately allowed crews to work at an incredibly fast pace to get the tower constructed, meaning that workers won’t have to be that high in the air when the Lake Erie winter turns “nasty.”

While Top Thrill 2 will have three trains – blue, silver, and black – cars from the blue and silver train were combined to also place the first “train” on the track, so that Cedar Point’s maintenance crews can begin becoming familiar with their new rolling stock. Cedar Point notes that this is only temporary, and the three five-car trains will all be in uniform colors when the park opens again in 2024.

You can watch the latest episode of “Top Thrill 2 Pit Stop” below.

When it opens in 2024, Top Thrill 2 will become the world’s tallest and fastest multi-launch roller coaster, featuring two 420′ tall structures – the spike and the pre-existing top hat. The coaster’s three launches will be forward, up the top hat, at 74 mph, backwards, up the spike, at 101 mph, and 120mph forward, up and over the top hat before the ride comes to a conclusion.

Stay tuned to Coaster101 throughout the winter for more updates on Top Thrill 2!