Cedar Point Officially Announces “Top Thrill 2”

For years, riders of Top Thrill Dragster often wanted just one thing – a rollback off the coaster’s signature 420′ tall tower. Now, every rider will get their chance with the spiritual successor to Top Thrill Dragster, Top Thrill 2, coming in 2024 to Cedar Point.

Have a need for speed? Get revvved up in 2024 and buckle in as Cedar Point introduces Top Thrill 2, the world’s Tallest and Fastest triple-launch strata coaster, says the official website of the park. This record-breaking, next generation motorsport machine races a course unlike any other on the planet. Sleek, aerodynamic vehicles launch you not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES as you drive the sky in an epic competition to reach the finish line.

Top Thrill 2 will allow guests to experience three true “free-fall” moments, including the coveted, fan-favorite “rollback” after you’re first launched forward. Then, launch backward and rise into the sky on a new, cloud-piercing vertical tower, giving you never-before-seen views of America’s Roller Coast. A third launch rockets you forward at 120 mph, sending you on a race to the stratosphere before reaching the finish line.

The coaster’s three launches will be at speeds of 74mph (Forward up the original tower), 101 mph (Backwards up the all new 420′ tall spike), and 120 mph (up and over the original tower complete with 270-degree rotation). Rather than the original hydraulic launches of Top Thrill Dragster, Top Thrill 2 will feature state of the art Linear Synchronous Motors (LSMs)

Cedar Point is branding Top Thrill 2 as the only “Vertical Speedway” in the world, and the coaster will be the only dual-tower strata coaster in the world. The park also touts their history in roller coaster innovation on their website.

“Cedar Point is the first amusement park in the world to reimagine and redefine the “strata coaster” – a roller coaster that eclipses the height of 400 feet. The unmatched original is reborn with its three signature launches, new LSM technology and new jaw-dropping vertical tower. Each of the three all-new, high-performance trains boasts a state-of-the-art chassis, milled from a single piece of aluminum and crafted with an aerodynamic fiberglass and carbon fiber body. With their greater seat comfort and design, Top Thrill 2’s trains will give you a true open-air riding experience as you take on a race unlike any other on Earth.”

According to reports, though not officially announced by the park at the time of release, the new LSMs and trains will be provided by Zamperla. The trains will be the Italian company’s new “Lightning” trains — promising more comfortable open seating, the ability to get in and out of the train faster, and a new, lighter aluminum-milled body. The track will also now incorporate a “fast switch,” which will lower dispatch times and create a higher theoretical hourly ride capacity for Top Thrill 2.

With the new name comes a new backstory as well – CP Racing.

“Inspired by the excitement and camaraderie of motorsport racing, Top Thrill 2’s entrance pavilion is an environment of high-energy action, calling new riders to join the world’s greatest thrill team: CP Racing. Even if you’re just a fan who likes to sit back and watch the race, you’re still a part of the team as you witness triple-launch history on the multi-tier grandstand. But if you’re ready to take the wheel, we’re looking for new crew members to challenge and defy gravity. Shift into DRIVE and join CP Racing in 2024 for the world’s greatest evvvolution in coaster thrills.”

Though the top speed (120mph) and maximum height (420′) of Top Thrill Dragster will carry over to Top Thrill 2, the addition of the spike will push the total coaster length well over 3,000′ (originally 2,800′). The ride experience will last 2:00. Each of the coaster’s trains will still carry 20 passengers at one time.

Are you ready to smoke the competition on this extreme motorsport machine? Baby, we’re ready to go!

For more information about Top Thrill 2 – be sure to visit Cedar Point’s website, and follow the park on all forms of social media. TwitterFacebookInstagram