Discuss: Who needs a park?

The United States is home to 267 operating amusement parks and entertainment centers with at least one coaster (according to rcdb). The website coast2Coaster displays a map with every amusement park or entertainment center in the country represented by a marker.

As you can see in the above visual, there are some areas of the country which are sparse when it comes to amusement parks. 

Which city or area of the country do you think could use an amusement park? In the future we’ll branch out to other countries to see where our internationl readers want a park.


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  1. Jon says:

    It doesn’t really answer your question, but Coast2Coaster is actually a great tool. It helped me in planning my upcoming trip this weekend. We decided on Valleyfair, and I used driving directions and Coast2Coaster to help me find parks along the way we could stop at. Great tool, and worth being bookmarked on every enthusiast’s computer.

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