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Cedar Point Retiring Top Thrill Dragster

In an update on social media this morning, Cedar Point announced they are retiring Top Thrill Dragster. The release reads: “After 19 seasons in operation with more than 18 million riders...


Top Thrill Dragster Won’t Open in 2022

Sorry speed fans, looks like Top Thrill Dragster won’t be opening this year. According to a report by the Sandusky Register the Intamin Accelerator coaster will remain closed for the 2022...


Cedar Point Coaster Tech Videos

Design World has been posting a series of videos showcasing how some of the mega roller coasters and thrill rides at Cedar Point operate. In the first video, Monty Jasper, corporate...

spinning coaster 3d model

Coaster-Lab Interview

I recently stumbled across a website with some incredible looking theme park concepts and I just had to know more! The inventor and owner of the website agreed to answer a...


Midwest Mania, Part I: Cedar Point

Coaster101 member CreditCrazy recently conquered all of the parks in the midwest and brought us back a ton of pictures from his trip. What better way to start of a series...