Top 10 Superhero Themed Roller Coasters

With National Superhero Day coming up on April 28th, it got me thinking about how many superhero themed roller coasters there are around the country and the world. I’ve never thought to compare them on the sole basis of being themed this way, so I thought it would be fun to put together this list. Keep in mind, this list is not ranked based on how well the coasters are themed, but overall ride experience. Also, yes, there are 11 coasters in this top 10. I was originally going to put the two Wonder Woman single rail coasters in one, but they offer such different ride experiences that just didn’t seem fair.

Take a look at my ranking and let me know what your favorites are, and how you would rank your own top 10 (or 11)!

Top 11 Superhero Themed Roller Coasters

11. Superman Ultimate Flight

Superhero Themed Roller Coasters

The B&M flying coaster is a model where you know what you’re getting every time, but it’s still so much fun. The Superman clones feature the iconic pretzel loop that is still one of most intense elements on any coaster operating today. Depending on the version, you may get one that is closer to the ground and focuses on close calls, or one that is built on higher ground above the rest of the park to capitalize on the flying feeling. There’s something to be said about a ride that a company felt worth cloning, and Superman is a great example of a crowd pleasing hit that gives guests the chance to fly like their favorite hero.

10. Superman Krypton Coaster

Floorless coasters are a model that is often underrated in the theme park community, and often considered to be the best of the type is Superman Krypton Coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Known for its interaction with the park’s quarry wall and the Superman figure that stands on top of the ride’s vertical loop, this coaster is one of the standouts at the already stacked park. Inversions aren’t for everyone, but Superman Krypton Coaster makes the most of its 6, featuring interlocking corkscrews and a unique-looking cobra roll. It’s also very fast for a floorless coaster, reaching 70mph which will make riders feel faster than a speeding bullet as the train traverses the layout.

9. Batman The Ride Inverts

Since these B&M inverts can now be found all over the country, it may be easy to take them for granted, but every single one of the Batman clones still holds up to this day. These coasters are the perfect example of a compact thrilling ride, managing to fit in five inversions, some laterals, and a great feeling of speed. The best of them even manage to incorporate a low to the ground terrain element as well. While they’re all good, we’ll give the spot on the list to Six Flags Great America’s version, since it was the first.

8. Wonder Woman Flight of Courage

The new evolution of RMC’s Raptor coasters look more like a traditional coaster, and brings new elements to the single rail design. Differing from the compact layout of the Texas version, the Six Flags Magic Mountain iteration has a larger footprint and more sustained airtime moments rather than the quick pops of ejector. Flying over that traditional lift hill in the back seat provides unbelievable airtime that seems to last forever as the train plummets down the drop. This coaster also features a stall, which is a welcome addition on any coaster. This ride also fits great into Magic Mountain’s lineup, which isn’t easy to do at a park with 19 other coasters.

7. Joker

Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom often gets caught in the mid-2010s RMC hybrid blitz, where it seems like this coaster never got its due because so many other iconic RMCs were opening around the same time. I haven’t been able to experience this coaster yet but to me, this looks like a solid entry in the RMC repertoire. This coaster is notable for that awesome pre-lift section, featuring tons of airtime before the train even hits the lift chain. Throw in a few fun inversions and that twisted I-Box airtime we all love, and you have a winner on your hands. I’ve always loved the purple and green two tone track, and the design of the train is so much fun and one of the company’s best.

6. Incredible Hulk

Hulk at Islands of Adventure is one of the most iconic coasters out there, the ride’s cobra roll might as well be in the dictionary under the word “roller coaster” since it is recognizable to casual fans and enthusiasts alike. Beyond just being iconic, the ride lives up to its reputation. Arguably one of the most intense B&Ms out there, the launch on Hulk leads into some enormous inversions that are grey-out inducing every time. From the picturesque beginning over the park’s central lagoon to the jam-packed second half in the ride’s desert setting, Hulk keeps up the thrills all the way through. Also, bonus points for on-board audio and a train with headlights.

5. Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster

Next on our list of the best superhero themed roller coasters: the first ever single rail coaster still packs a punch to this day, standing out at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, a park full of other great coasters. The ride begins with an epic 90 degree drop and is absolutely relentless from there, delivering some of the strongest airtime on any coaster. The inline seating makes the back row a coveted experience, allowing the rider in that seat to be absolutely whipped through the layout at a breakneck pace. This coaster is a pure rush, and the 30 seconds of ride time absolutely fly by.

4. DC Rivals Hypercoaster

Like many reading this article, I have not been lucky enough to make it to Australia to ride this yet, but if the POV and reviews are enough to go on, DC Rivals at Warner Bros. Movie World is a world-class coaster. Every moment on this coaster is designed to extract the most possible airtime, featuring very few pieces of track that are actually parallel to the ground. The giant non-inverting loop is also a huge eye-catcher, and the fact that the track is a rich purple color also makes it instantly iconic.

And then of course there is an added feature that many enthusiasts dream will make its way to their favorite coasters: the backwards seat. The final seat on DC Rivals is turned backwards, and this seems to add an extra kick to every single element on the ride. The twisted drop and non-inverting loop are of course the stars, but going over those airtime pops towards the end while facing backwards must be an otherworldly experience that any self-respecting coaster fan has on their bucket list.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at Epcot is hard to rank among the other entries on this list because it is so different from the other rides. Cosmic Rewind isn’t just a coaster, it’s an experience. When I rode it for the first time, I was in utter shock. After all the coasters I’ve ridden, I had no idea a ride could surprise me this much and give me a feeling that I haven’t had on any other ride since.

I’ll stay spoiler-free on the ride’s story, but I will say the motion of the ride vehicles and the maneuvering of the track layout is masterful, and the incredible 80s soundtrack propels this coaster to a whole new level. The ride is pure joy, plain and simple, and while it’s hard to quantify in comparison with other coasters, it is more than worthy of making the list.

2. Superman The Ride

Superman The Ride at Six Flags New England is, in this humble Massachusetts native’s opinion, a perfect coaster. The layout is perhaps Intamin’s best, and that’s saying a lot for a 24-year-old coaster whose manufacturer continues to innovate. The airtime moments are nothing short of masterful, each hill is perfectly designed to get the most possible ejector. The layout is varied too- it’s not just hill after hill. There are two fantastic spaghetti bowl segments where there are some serious positive Gs.

In addition, there is a dive under a guest path and a large overbank after the first drop (which also goes underground below the Connecticut River). Overall, Superman’s layout is perfectly balanced while also featuring world-class speed and intensity, earning it a spot on this list.

1. Batman Gotham City Escape

Another coaster on this list that I have not gotten the chance to experience is Gotham City Escape at Parque Warner Madrid. However, having spoken to friends and other enthusiasts that have ridden it, this coaster has immediately shot up my list of must-dos and I feel comfortable giving it the top spot. Because of my love for VelociCoaster, I can get a sense for the feel of these elements, and I can see why this coaster has already developed a world-class reputation despite being open less than a year.

With some tight, snappy elements thanks to its shorter trains, Gotham City Escape looks to give a very unique type of airtime. Its inversions are also beautifully strange, featuring a great stall and unique corkscrew right after the first launch. This coaster also features some great theming, both on the ride and in the queue, which always gets extra points towards the overall experience.

What do you think of our list of superhero themed roller coasters? Do you agree? Let us know your top 10 in the comments below!