Coaster101’s Thoughts on Cedar Fair’s 2020 Announcements

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  1. Mandy says:

    My home park is Dorney, and I for one am getting sick of the waiting game. I understand that this is a small park, but like you stated above, it deserves to be recognized as a consistent player in steady attendance, being so close to NY and Philly. I understand thought that WWK is their money grab and while I get WW needed an upgrade, the fact we have been waiting since Stinger (Which was a crap show anyway), is crazy. Thunderhawk, while a classic, really lacks in excitement now, since they have changed the breaking systems on the ride. We need a classic woodie (Ill borrow Phoenix’s layout please, or INVADR, thank you) in order to keep attendees coming back. Esp those of us who invest a ton of money in time at this park.

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