Smoky Mountain Alpine Coasters Comparison

If you’re going to be in the Pigeon Forge area this coming spring for the premiere of Lightning Rod at Dollywood, you might also want to take a ride on one of the four alpine coasters in the region. What is an alpine coaster? Read our interview with Wiegand, the premier alpine coaster manufacturer, to find out what makes them unique. Many coaster enthusiasts including myself like to keep a record of how many coasters we’ve conquered and I have no problem with adding alpines to your coaster count. RCDB even lists them now.

Which alpine coaster in the Smokies is the best ride, the best value, and the closest to Dollywood? Below is a comprehensive description of each roller coaster in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, including a POV video and a map showing the distance to Dollywood.


Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

Location: Pigeon Forge

Track Length: 5,400 feet

Manufacturer: Wiegand

Opened: 2013

Distance to Dollywood: 6.6 miles

Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster Cost to ride: $15

Read our review here.


smoky mountain alpine coaster location


The Coaster at Goats on the Roof

Location: Pigeon Forge

Track Length: 4,375 feet

Manufacturer: Wiegand

Opened: 2015

Distance to Dollywood: 7.6 miles

The Coaster at Goats on the Roof Cost to ride:

Read our interview with Goats on the Roof here.


map of the coaster at goats on the roof


Ober Gatlinburg Ski Mountain Coaster

Location: Gatlinburg

Track Length: 3,750 feet

Manufacturer: Aquatic Development Group

Opened: 2015

Distance to Dollywood: 13.4 miles

Ober Gatlinburg Ski Mountain Coaster Cost: $15


distance to ober gatlinburg ski mountain coaster

Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

Location: Gatlinburg

Track Length: 3,280 feet

Manufacturer: Wiegand

Opened: 2014

Distance to Dollywood: 9.7 miles

Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster Cost: $14.32


gatlinburg mountain coaster location

Tip: You should be able to pick up a Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster coupon in a booklet that can be found at almost every shopping center and hotel in the area.

smoky mountain alpine coaster cost comparison

Thanks to the rapid expansion, the Smokies may soon be known as Alpine Coaster, USA. From what I’ve read, the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster reviews are the weakest of the bunch, though it is also the (slightly) cheaper one too. If you’re looking to ride one quickly, the Ski Mountain Coaster is the one you want to avoid as you’ll have to drive twisted mountain roads or take the aerial tram. Either way, you’ll end up paying extra either for a ride up the mountain or for parking once you get there. The consensus seems to be the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster is the best ride and value (cost per length).

UPDATE: By 2019 there will be at least 7 alpine coasters in the Smokies! Updated list here.

While you’re in town we also recommend you swing by The Island to check out a free fountain show. Which alpine coaster in Pigeon Forge is your favorite? Tell us why in the comments below or on social media. 

Want to know what else there is to do in the Smokies? Read this vacation planning quick start guide.


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2 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Supposedly the Goat Coaster has longer downhill track (they all count the track going up in the published length)

  2. Karl says:

    I’ve only rode on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, I loved it. They have a deal where your second ride (and all after that) is half price. So you ride once for $14, all rides after are only $7. The best way is to ride once (or more) in the daytime, then come back later and ride at night.

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