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Kings Dominion is getting a Giga?

This one’s really surprised me. It seems as if Kings Dominion will be receiving an Intamin Giga coaster next year. This will be interesting to watch develop over the next few months.


Variable Ticket Prices

Here’s how it would work : The initial ticket prices would assume perfect weather and all rides fully functional for the year. That way rates could be adjusted down based on the actual daily conditions. If the weather looks to...


Cedar Point Interview

We recently asked Tony Clark of Cedar Point’s On Point! blog some questions about the park. Here’s what he had to say: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us! So what exactly does...


Be a Good Neighbor

A few weeks ago Alton Towers changed the wheels on Nemesis, their B&M inverted coaster. The local district council was soon flooded with complaints from nearby residents that the rumbling noises from the coaster made their lives “unbearable.” Unbearable? I’m...


Diamondback Emergency Stop

Diamondback is Kings Island’s newest coaster and recently a train of riders got an added surprise when they went for a spin on the coaster. The train was stopped on the mid-course brake run due to a safety mechanism. No...


Pro-Amusement Park

If you’ve read some of my blogs or forum posts you may think that I am anti-Cedar Point/Cedar Fair. That is not the case. Far from it. I feel very fortunate to live so close to such an amazing amusement...


Expectations this summer?

With the economy in a deep recession amusement parks are going to have to do what they can to save money. This includes not building expensive, mega-attractions. However, major new rides still need to be built in order to keep...