Story Land’s Roar-O-Saurus Rises

Story Land’s (Glen, N.H.) new-for-2014 family wooden coaster, Roar-O-Saurus, is taking shape.


The Gravity Group coaster is only 1,242 feet long and stands 40 feet tall and features quite possibly the coolest dinosaur-inspired train that I’ve ever seen (take notes, Universal).


Roar-O-Saurus certainly isn’t the biggest coaster under construction. But if it’s anything like The Gravity Group’s Wooden Warrior, don’t expect a humdrum coaster ride. The coaster’s layout is riddled with pops of airtime, including one taken inside a tunnel, as seen under construction in the above photo.


The coaster stands 40 feet tall and will feature a 38.5-foot drop.


Work is also underway on the coaster’s station. Roar-O-Saurus will feature The Gravity Group’s (GravityKraft) Timberliner trains.

Hopefully the track will be completed soon so that testing can begin. I can’t wait to see this coaster in action.

Take a virtual spin on Roar-O-Saurus below:

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Are you excited to ride Roar-O-Saurus? Discuss in the comments section below.

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  1. Steve says:

    cool. lateral air is my favorite. Hell Cat (“avalanche” was a better name) was their first at this. I don’t know if Outlaw Run’s Wave Turn counts because it’s all weightlessness really, no lateral. Anyhow… it will be a first in the dark from either designers I’m guessing.

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