A-Z Coaster of the Week: Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit


Our “H” Coaster of the Week takes us back to Central Florida and the Universal Orlando Resort as we highlight Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios Florida. This Maurer Söhne X-Coaster opened on August 19, 2009.


Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit rises to a maximum 165’ high after a 90º vertical lift hill. It is the largest of the Maurer Söhne X-Coasters, and one of only two custom X-Coasters in the world. Riders are loaded using a moving sidewalk to speed up the loading process. Each coaster train includes two six passenger cars for a total of 12 riders at a time.


Notable track elements of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit include a loop that doesn’t go upside down, and a treble clef track section near the ride’s conclusion. The coaster also has a section of track that “blasts through” a building in the New York section of Universal Studios Florida, and serves as a backdrop to an amphitheater that hosts concerts and other live events at Universal Orlando.


Probably the most unique aspect of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is the ability to choose your own song to listen to throughout the coaster’s duration. Universal Orlando has 30 songs in 5 categories; Classic Rock/Heavy Metal, Club/Electronica, Country, Rap/Hip-Hop, and Pop Music/Disco. In addition to these 30 songs, Universal has also included a number of “hidden” tracks that are accessible via secret keypad in the ride’s station. For a full list of secret songs, Click Here.


Have you ridden our “H” Coaster of the Week? What song did you listen to? Let us know below. Come back next week as we reveal our “G” Coaster of the week.


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    I would like to know the winners of the mystery coaster thing.

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