Rocky Mountain Construction & Larson International Announce Merger

Rocky Mountain Construction and Larson International have announced a merger, with the promise to create a “powerhouse in the amusement industry.”

Effective immediately, RMC and Larson have partnered to form a single operating entity. The new organization will provide a comprehensive portfolio of thrill and family rides. The companies will combine their engineering R&D efforts to further drive innovation for both companies. Additional operational synergies will be derived through leveraging manufacturing capacity and streamlining back-office operations, including benefits, accounting and software licensing, etc.

Larson and RMC ahve worked together cohesively for several years on multiple projects. Working together moving forward is a mutually beneficial peratnership for both organizations. The merge provides current Larson customers with the same quality rides and services that they’ve known for years and provides the Larson staff the opportunity to grow, learn and contribute to a different side of the same industry. Adding the proven product line from Larson gives RMC additional diversity overnight and allows

RMC to supply fantastic rides to any type of operator, big or small. The acquisition puts RMC and Larson in a very unique position – being able to offer customers anything from attractions designed for toddlers to some of the most highly anticipated coasters on the planet,” said Hunter Novotny of Larson International.

After 30-plus years with Larson International, President Jeff Novotny has elected to retire. His son, Hunter, will continue to be an integral part of the new organization. All existing management and staff will be retained, while Jeff Novotny will continue to be remain heavily involved in the continuing of the National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives.

“The decision to retire and merge with RMC is based on being closer to family and ensuring the future of our staff members,” said Jeff Novotny.

The combined entity will be led by Darren Torr, who will serve as President and CEO. RMC is committed to “building dreams” by consistently delivering award winning rides. Going forward, RMC will continue to modernize existing ride platforms as well as develop new and differentiated family rides.

“I am excited to bring together these two organizations,” Torr said. “Our values are closely aligned, and I look forward to future success by pytting out incredible rides, providing a great value, and treating our customers and crew members like family. Additionally, I’m looking forward to being located closer to the National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives and supporting their mission.”

Founded in 1967 by Walter Larson, Larson International began as a manufacturing firm that designed and built over 3,000 high clearance tractors, mobile cement batch plants, oil field drilling rigs and street sweepers. In 1972, the company began building amusement rides, and the company was purchased by Jeff Novotny in 2006. Larson acquired Sellner Manufacturing in 2011, who were famous for the tilt-a-whirl, and in total, Larson offers more than 30 thrill and family style rides including the Giant Loop, Flying Scooters, Super Shot Drop Tower, Tilt-A-Whirl, and more.

RMC was founded by Fred Grubb in 2001, and are known for revolutionizing coasters by establishing a new category of wood/steel “hybrid coasters.” Their current coaster offerings and replacement track for traditional wooden coasters will be bolstered by the acquisition of Larson’s Portfolio.

The new company will continue to operate out of RMC’s headquarters in Hayden, Idaho, and Larson’s headquarters in Plainview, Texas. Both companies will participate in the 2023 IAAPA Expo in Orlando independently.

For more information, visit RMC’s website.

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