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New Mean Streak Construction Update 7-8-2017

They’re Rollin’ in Like Thunder. That’s the caption in the latest Cedar Point Mean Streak teaser video released by the park. Check out the 19 second long drone footage of RMC Mean Streak below: #TheyreComing pic.twitter.com/eOZq6bks3C — Cedar Point (@cedarpoint)...


Wildfire at Kolmården to Reopen Soon

The massive Wildfire wooden roller coaster at Kolmården Wildlife Park is slated to reopen this summer after having its permit revoked. The coaster was shuttered in late October of 2016 after only four months of operation after the Swedish government...


Redefining Roller Coaster Types for the Modern Era

Since Disneyland’s Matterhorn opened in 1959, roller coasters have been divided into two main categories: steel roller coasters and wooden roller coasters. According to the Roller Coaster Database, there are over 4,000 roller coasters operating worldwide today. Of these, only...