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Georgia Cyclone to become Twisted Cyclone in 2018

When Six Flags Over Georgia’s Georgia Cyclone coaster closed on July 30, there were several possibilities for what would be replacing the classic wooden coaster. Today, we know that answer, as Georgia Cyclone will be going under the Rocky Mountain...


New Mean Streak Construction Update 7-8-2017

They’re Rollin’ in Like Thunder. That’s the caption in the latest Cedar Point Mean Streak teaser video released by the park. Check out the 19 second long drone footage of RMC Mean Streak below: #TheyreComing pic.twitter.com/eOZq6bks3C — Cedar Point (@cedarpoint)...


Speculation on Cedar Fair’s 2018 Mystery Coasters

UPDATE: The 2018 Cedar Fair Coasters have been announced! Our speculations weren’t perfect, but we did come close(ish). The “new type of coaster” is indeed a Raptor, but it’s not coming to Knott’s, it’s coming to California’s Great America as...