Georgia Cyclone to become Twisted Cyclone in 2018

When Six Flags Over Georgia’s Georgia Cyclone coaster closed on July 30, there were several possibilities for what would be replacing the classic wooden coaster. Today, we know that answer, as Georgia Cyclone will be going under the Rocky Mountain Construction knife and emerging next year as Twisted Cyclone. 

Like other RMC conversions, Twisted Cyclone will offer guests the best of both worlds—a classic wooden structure combined with a modern, steel track for multiple inversions and a smoother, more thrilling riding experience.

The coaster will feature a drop just shy of 100′ at 75 degrees, 10 airtime moments, and a top speed of 50 miles per hour. Among its 3 inversions will be a 360-degree zero G roll.

“Six Flags was the first in the industry to introduce this hybrid technology and Twisted Cyclone is a shining example of Six Flags innovation at its very best. Year after year, our park keeps delivering unique thrills for all ages and this state-of-the-art hybrid coaster is an absolute game-changer,” said Park President Dale Kaetzel. “Our guests are going to be blown away by the unbelievable features of this coaster.”

Twisted Cyclone will be the seventh coaster in the Six Flags family to undergo a RMC conversion, joining:

  • Iron Rattler (formerly Rattler) at Six Flags Fiesta Texas
  • Joker (formerly Roar) at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
  • Medusa Steel Coaster (formerly Medusa) at Six Flags Mexico
  • New Texas Giant (formerly Texas Giant) at Six Flags Over Texas
  • Twisted Colossus (formerly Colossus) at Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Wicked Cyclone (formerly Cyclone) at Six Flags New England

It joins Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion and Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point as Rocky Mountain Construction conversion projects debuting in 2018.

Construction on Twisted Cyclone is underway and the ride is expected to debut in the spring of 2018.

For more information about Twisted Cyclone, be sure to visit Six Flags Over Georgia’s website!

Are you headed to Six Flags Over Georgia next season for Twisted Cyclone? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 Responses

  1. Zachary says:

    Wow,I am stunned by this coaster.Not as god as Steel Vengeance,but an amazing ride.

  2. CoDAce says:

    How did they manage to screw this up? The ride doesn’t look finished FFS, it feels like the transition into the brake run was forced as a means to finish the circuit more than a proper transition.

    This could have been Wicked Cyclone 2.0 but they screwed it up so badly that it looks like a worse Goliath. Joker may look like trash with the god awful colors, but this is trash as the layout isn’t complete.

    Here’s a simple extension that wouldn’t be that hard.
    1. have the first removed air-time hill be similar to SV’s second big hill, alternatively this could be a stall element as well.
    2. make a nice turnaround could be a step-up under like Joker
    3. make the last air-time hill on the original better or split it into two separate ones
    4. keep the turnaround into the station the same.

    Boom, instantly better than the unfinished PoS that we got instead without changing the previous elements.

    If I seem bitter about this ride it’s because I was looking forward to this since 2016, and this is what we got. You could have done better Six Flags and RMC.

  3. Joseph Keller says:

    This is the worst rmc creation yet!

  4. Zachary says:

    I just like it because even though it is the worst RMC,it will be fun,and it is better than getting a 4D Free Spin.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think people are over reacting. The first two elements look amazing. It appears to pack a punch in it’s short layout. Could they have added a bit more? Sure. But this looks to be a great ride, and while it may turn out to be a weaker RMC, you can’t really judge it yet as no one has ridden it. I think coaster enthusiasts just need to stop pouting about this new enjoy it for what it is. I agree it looks short, and I wish they added more, but people just need to give it a chance.

  6. Eric says:

    I’d say that I guessed the Twisted Cyclone name. Even though it may be a bit shorter I’m length than the previous Georgia Cyclone… it looks like it ought to be good, and hopefully it packs a punch. Like the blue track, and train design (hopefully it’ll have a blue train, as well as red train, to pay homage to Georgia Cyclone). Also hope SFOG gives Georgia Scorcher a new paint job during the off-season as well.

    Future projects… if SFOG is to get new coasters and flat rides, I’d hope something goes in the old Deja-Vu/Whistlestop Park area next to the Go-Karts, ideal for a coaster, and maybe 1 or 2 new flat rides. If Splash Waterfalls attraction were to be removed, that area would be ideal for a compact-sized coaster.

  7. Christopher Beckwith says:

    I AGREE with CoDACE, Twisted Cyclone just seems incomplete! It’s not like this is Six Flags or RMC’s first or second conversion! They’ve already set the standard so stick to it! The first half of this ride is AWESOME but it fizzles from there! The trains come around a bank that sets riders up for one final element but instead you hit the brake run! One more element, like a zero G stall, would TRULY make this the record-breaking coaster we were promised! And it makes sense because the track length is already there! The only good news right now is the coaster hasn’t been built yet so Six Flags still has a chance to get this right! I think that’s why so many people are complaining. If Six Flags realizes how disappointed we are, hopefully the company will fix this! Of course, I’m happy were getting an RMC and I’m definitely excited about riding it but I feel like it should have been at least as good as the other Six Flags RMCs! Isn’t Six Flags motto GO BIG? Well this time they should have GONE BIGGER!!!

  8. Schoup says:


    Maybe that’s what SF got b/c that’s what they were willing to pay for and could afford. SF got a great deal on the initial RMC Hybrids b/c RMC was a new company and needed business to prove their technology. RMC is now a proven company. The price of RMC’s has gone up, as they are in demand and arguably the hottest coaster company right now. Parks and patrons want RMC’s.

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