Cedar Point Announces Record-Breaking Steel Vengeance for 2018

Cedar Point today announced plans to open Steel Vengeance in 2018, a “hyper-hybrid,” record-breaking steel coaster built from the remnants of the former Mean Streak wooden coaster.

Steel Vengeance, a product of Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), will feature the company’s iconic “I-Box” steel track built on portions of the wooden structure of Mean Streak. RMC is the Idaho-based company that is known for reconstructing and re-imagining dated wooden coasters.

With its 205-foot-tall peak, Steel Vengeance will become the world’s tallest, fastest and longest “hybrid” coaster (steel track on wooden supports).

Watch an animated on-ride POV of Steel Vengeance below:

Steel Vengeance Stats

Height: 205 feet
Speed: 74 mph
First Drop: 200 feet
Inversions: 4
Length: 5,740 feet
Duration: 2 minutes, 30 seconds
Height Requirement: 48″
Trains: 3
Riders per Train: 24
Riders per Hour: 1,200

Watch off-ride animated footage of Steel Vengeance below:

The Wildest Ride Cedar Point Has Ever Built

Located in the western-themed FrontierTown area, Steel Vengeance will feature three trains each seating 24 riders. Those trains will reach a top speed of 74 mph following the coaster’s 90-degree, 200-foot-tall first drop.

Multiple airtime hills follow, including the world’s fastest airtime hill ever created on a hybrid roller coaster, and a 116-foot-tall outer-banked hill placing riders on an outward tilt while moving forward.

Steel Vengeance will also include the world’s first “twisted snake dive” element, where the coaster’s train will enter a half-barrel roll, hang upside-down for a brief moment and then turn back in the direction of travel.

The coaster’s figure-eight layout will create a fast-paced journey with multiple airtime hills, twists and dives, overbanked turns and surprise maneuvers. The entire ride will last approximately 2 minutes, 30 seconds.

“This is another roller coaster that only Cedar Point could build – tallest, fastest and longest of its kind with four inversions and the exciting movements the hybrid design can achieve,” said Jason McClure, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point.

“There are so many unexpected moments on Steel Vengeance, it’s just plain twisted. It’ll be an extremely wild experience for our guests.”

The World’s First “Hyper-Hybrid”

So what’s a “hyper-hybrid” coaster? According to a news release from Cedar Point, Steel Vengeance introduces a new classification of roller coaster – the “hyper-hybrid.” The coaster not only combines a hybrid construction of smooth steel track set atop a wood support structure, but also reaches a height of over 200 feet – the defining feature of a “hyper-coaster.”

Steel Vengeance World Records

With the addition of Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point will once again shatter both roller coaster and amusement park records. The 15 records include:

  • World’s tallest hybrid roller coaster (205 feet)
  • World’s fastest hybrid roller coaster (74 mph)
  • World’s steepest drop on a hybrid roller coaster (90 degrees)
  • World’s longest drop on a hybrid roller coaster (200 feet)
  • World’s longest hybrid roller coaster (5,740 feet)
  • Most inversions on a hybrid roller coaster (4)
  • Fastest airtime hill on a hybrid roller coaster (73 mph)
  • Most airtime on a hybrid roller coaster (27.2 seconds)
  • Most airtime on any roller coaster (27.2 seconds)
  • World’s first “hyper-hybrid” roller coaster
  • Most roller coaster track at one amusement park (60,423 feet/11.4 miles)
  • Most steel roller coaster track at one amusement park (57,865 feet/11 miles)
  • Most roller coasters over 200 feet tall at one amusement park (6)
  • Most rides at one amusement park (71)
  • Most roller coasters with a first drop of 90 degrees or more at one amusement park (5)

They’re Coming. But Who Are “They?”

Throughout the summer of 2017, Cedar Point released clues about the ride on social media, all referencing the word, “they.”

The story of Steel Vengeance will be told through three new outlaws who have banded together to “unsaddle” the reign of Maverick, FrontierTown’s low-to-the-ground, double-launching roller coaster. Throughout the winter months, guests will learn more about Jackson “Blackjack” Chamberlain, Chess “Wild One” Watkins and Wyatt “Digger” Dempsey.

Learn more about the Steel Vengeance outlaws in the video below:

Steel Vengeance construction began in September of last year following Mean Streak’s closure.

What do you think of Steel Vengeance? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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6 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    Ok a good amount of those “records” are basically duplicates (ex. most airtime on a hybrid coaster/ most airtime on ANY coaster) and some of them they already had ( ex. most attractions, most coasters over 200 ft.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh, so much airtime… This looks great.

  3. Rabid Platypus says:

    “Steel Vengeance will also include the world’s first “twisted snake dive” element, where the coaster’s train will enter a half-barrel roll, hang upside-down for a brief moment and then turn back in the direction of travel.”

    Bullshit. Outlaw run at silver dollar city has this and was built in 2013. It was also built by RMC. This is just a little larger version of the excellent outlaw run coaster. Nothing ground breaking here….

  4. Anthony says:

    Rabid Platypus Thank you!!! I really don’t understand what all this hype is about! It’ll be cool yeah but nothing groundbreaking like Storm Chaser, Twisted Colossus, or Outlaw Run

  5. Zachary says:

    This will an amazing step up from mean streak.I will try to go to Cedar Point next year to ride this!

  6. randy simmons says:

    So terrible that KINGS ISLAND couldn’t wait one more year and get one of these wood / steel HYBRIDS instead of the crappy, rough, ALL WOODEN Mystic Timbers it built last year…