Georgia Cyclone to Close on July 30

According to a tweet from the park, if you want to experience Six Flags Over Georgia’s Georgia Cyclone again or for the first time, you have just under two weeks to do so, as the coaster will be giving its last rides on July 30.

The Georgia Cyclone originally opened in 1990, and was designed by legendary coaster designer Curtis D. Summers. It was built by the Dinn Corporation, and is a mirror image of the historic Coney Island Cyclone in New York.

“The gargantuan wooden coaster is based on the famous coaster with the same name at Coney Island,” according to Six Flags’ website. “This modern interpretation of that classic wooden roller coaster is a legendarily intense ride for a whole new generation. Except this Cyclone will be doing it Georgia-style.”

The closure will leave only five Dinn Corporation coasters still in operation: Predator at Darien Lake, Thunder Run at Kentucky Kingdom, Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun, Wolverine Wildcat at Michigan’s Adventure, and Wild One at Six Flags America, which was not a Dinn original design, but a coaster where Dinn supervised the rebuild.

Rumors are pointing towards the Georgia Cyclone, like previous Dinn Coasters (Texas Giant and Mean Streak) before it, going under the Rocky Mountain Construction conversion knife, but the park has not announced anything specific about the coaster’s future as of this post.

Check out the off-ride footage of the coaster below!

We will update this post as more information becomes available.

Have you ridden the Georgia Cyclone? What do you think is happening to it? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 Responses

  1. Johnathan says:

    I am familiar with this process as a park employee. I can confirm the ride will be undergoing “significant” modifications that will be done by RMC. The ride had to be closed so the modifications could be completed in time for 2018. Hope you guys aren’t scared of the dark 😉

  2. Christian says:

    Wild One is not a Dinn coaster. Charlie Dinn only supervised in the relocation/reassembly process of Wild One (which came from a defunct park in Massachusetts). So this would make only four Dinn coasters left. Of those four, the one most likely to receive a visit from Richard Michael Crosby in the near future would be Wolverine Wildcat (Thunder Run and Timber Wolf have both been rehabbed in the recent past)

  3. Zachary says:

    I am pretty sure this will be an RMC.

  4. Eric says:

    I definitely see RMC coming in for this project… and got my fingers crossed that RMC Georgia Cyclone is happening. Today is its last day of operation, and Six Flags makes its 2018 announcement on August 31.

    I could see it having over-banked and outer-banked turns, a Wicked Cyclone style zero-G stall element, a Twisted Colossus style double-down element, a couple of barrel-roll inversions. Hopefully Alan Schilke and Fred Grubb and company can and does give us something good. As for name, I could see it being rechristened as Twisted Cyclone. Would love to see “The most fun a coaster can be” slogan brought back. Hopefully SFOG gives Georgia Scorcher a new paint job, and Log Jamboree gets some refurbishment as well.