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What We Think About the 2018 Six Flags Announcements

A couple weeks ago the whole Coaster101 team got together to share our mostly positive thoughts about the 2018 Cedar Fair announcements (which included four pretty awesome looking coasters). Now it’s Six Flags’ turn, as they made new attraction announcements...


A-Z Coaster of the Week – Revolution

We’re sticking on the West Coast for this weeks A-Z Coaster of the week. For the letter “R”, we’re looking at a coaster that had one of the most important “firsts” in modern coaster history, Revolution at Six Flags Magic...


How to Enjoy a Theme Park Halloween in California

As summer winds to an end and the calendar marches into September, Theme Parks start gearing up for their annual Halloween events. To get you ready, we put together a run down of all the major Theme Park Halloween events...