The Coaster101 Podcast: Episode 3 – 2020 Coasters!

This week on the Coaster101 Podcast we’re talking 2020 coasters! We start off by getting into what some of our pre-pandemic expectations were on the coaster class. Which rides most excited us, which did we think we were actually going to ride, and so on. For more on that topic, check out our post from the beginning of the year on our most anticipated coasters.

Does West Coast Racers count as a 2020 opening?

Then we get into talking about our expectations on which 2020 rides will actually be opening, and whether certain parks should hold off on opening their newest coasters for an abbreviated 2020 season or save them for a smooth 2021 opening. We know at least a couple parks are for sure opening their 2020 rides. We’ll be covering both Candymonium and Orion later this week, so make sure to keep checking the website for our reviews of those!

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