10 Most Anticipated 2020 Roller Coasters Opening in North America

2019 was another outstanding season for new roller coasters. With additions like Maxx Force, Steel Curtain, and Copperhead Strike, it was a year to remember. But the season has come to an end and now we turn our attention on the new year.

2020’s crop of roller coasters include a giga coaster, a record breaking single rail coaster, and a record breaking hybrid coaster. This stellar lineup has us asking questions like: will 2020 be the best year for new roller coasters ever? And is SeaWorld Entertainment’s lineup of five new roller coasters for 2020 the best for a single park chain ever? Which ones are we most looking forward to?

Here’s our top 10 most anticipated 2020 roller coasters opening in North America that you’ll need to ride.

10. Sidewinder Safari – Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Location: Vallejo, CA
Manufacturer: Zamperla
Height: 42.7 feet
Length: 1,378 feet
Speed: 29.1 mph

This spinning wild mouse coaster is the same model as Ragin’ Cajun at Six Flags America (formerly at Six Flags Great America). Sidewinder Safari will combine a coaster with an animal exhibit as guests become immersed in a jungle-like setting where there are encounters with live snakes and other reptile species.

9. Aquaman Power Wave – Six Flags Over Texas

Location: Arlington, Texas
Manufacturer: Mack Rides
Height: 146 feet
Speed: 62 mph
Aquaman Power Wave will be the first PowerSplash coaster from MACK Rides to make its way to the United States. Riders will be launched three times, backwards, forwards, and backwards again, ascending and descending twin 146′ tall towers before a splash down finale. Learn how the water level magically rises here.

8. Emperor – SeaWorld San Diego

Location: San Diego, California
Manufacturer: B&M
Height:153 feet
Length: 2,411 ft
Inversions: 3
Emperor, while becoming the tallest coaster at SeaWorld San Diego when it opens in 2020, it will actually be the the smallest B&M dive coaster in the United States. The trains will featured 6 across seating (Valravn has 8 across. Griffon at BGW has 10). Emperor will also be first B&M Dive Coaster on the West Coast.

7. Texas Stingray – SeaWorld San Antonio

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Manufacturer: Great Coasters International (GCI)
Length: 3,379 feet
Drop: 100 ft
Speed: 55 mph

The only wooden roller coaster on our 2020 list, Texas Stingray is the first Great Coasters International wooden coaster to be built in the United States since 2017’s Mystic Timbers at Kings Island and InvadR at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Featuring a 100 foot long tunnel, Texas Stingray hold the honor of being the fastest and longest wooden coaster in the state of Texas.

6. Ice Breaker – SeaWorld Orlando

Location: Orlando, Florida
Manufacturer: Premier Rides
Length: 1,900 feet
Height: 93 feet
Speed: 52 mph
Don’t let the short track length of Ice Breaker fool you. The three LSM launches on Ice Breaker are multi-directional, so you’ll actually be traveling on 2,750′ of track, including a 90-foot tall vertical spike tilted at 100-degrees, the steepest past-vertical drop in Florida.

5. Candymonium – HersheyPark

Location: Hershey, Pennsylvania
Manufacturer: B&M
Height: 210 feet
Length: 4,636 feet
Speed: 76 mph

Candymonium is the main attraction of Hersheypark’s new Chocolate Town area. The B&M hyper coaster will be the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster at Hersheypark. With its Hershey’s themed trains, arrival area, ride building, and shop, park guests are sure to enjoy one of the “sweetest” roller coasters ever created.

4. Jersey Devil – Six Flags Great Adventure

Location: Jackson, New Jersey
Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC)
Length: 3,000 ft
Height: 130 feet
Inversions: 3

The third “Raptor” coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction, the Jersey Devil holds the honor of being the world’s longest, tallest and fastest single rail coaster. Reaching speeds up to 58 mph, riders will straddle the single-rail and experience three intense elements and two inversions through the dark and foreboding woods.


3. Pantheon – Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia
Manufacturer: Intamin
Length: 3,328 ft
Height: 178 ft
Speed: 73 mph

Billed as the World’s fastest multi-launch coaster, Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg looks to be an airtime machine, featuring 15 airtime moments. Not only will Pantheon have four launches, but also features a 95-degree drop and two inversions. We’re excited to see the “Power of 5 Roman Gods” come together for what’s sure to be an awesome ride experience.

2. Orion – Kings Island

Location: Mason, Ohio
Manufacturer: B&M
Height: 287 feet (300 foot drop)
Length: 5,321 ft
Speed: 91 mph
The third B&M on this list. Our #1 steel coaster built in the 2010’s was Fury 325 at Carowinds, a sister park to Kings Island and also by B&M. We can only hope Orion is just as good as Fury 325 but some fans fear it may not even live up to the other awesome B&M hyper coaster within the park – Diamondback. There may not be many other giga coasters built in the US for quite some time, so we’re really looking forward to enjoying this one.

1. Iron Gwazi – Busch Gardens Tampa

Location: Tampa, Florida
Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC)
Length: 4,075 ft
Height: 206 ft
Inversions: 3

This ride just looks bonkers. Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point was #2 on our list of best steel coasters built in the 2010s, and Iron Gwazi looks like it could challenge for the best steel coaster of the next decade. Iron Gwazi features a 91-degree drop, 12 airtime moments, and a top speed of 76 miles per hour, setting records as the tallest hybrid coaster in North America, and fastest and steepest in the world. Be sure to check out our interview with project manager Andrew Schaffer to learn more!

Honorable Mentions That Just Missed The List

There are a few coasters that I think might have been able to push their way onto our list if we only had more information about them.

  • Primordial at Lagoon Park – little is known about this dark ride/coaster combo. RCDB lists 2020 but I’m thinking it’s actually for 2021.
  • RCDB lists a Fly di Ragga Muffin suspended coaster opening at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
  • Whiteface in North Elba New York is building what I assume to be a 7,000-foot long alpine coaster that will follow the path of the 1932 and 1980 Mount Van Hoevenberg Olympic bobsled run.
  • LEGOLAND New York will be opening with two family-friendly roller coasters when it opens on July 4, 2020: The Dragon and Dragon’s Apprentice
  • Sandy’s Blasting Bronco at American Dream (was supposed to open in 2019 but delayed until 2020).
  • Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster in Banner Elk, North Carolina

International Coasters Opening in 2020

Although our chances of riding these are slim, here’s a few of the international roller coasters opening in 2020 that we’ll keep our eyes on!

  • Max and Moritz, the MACK rides family dueling (sorta) powered coaster with on board audio and extensive theming coming to Efteling.
  • Abyssus at Energylandia, a Vekoma LSM launch coaster.
  • Alien vs Predator, a Dynamix Attractions SFX coaster at 20th Century Fox World.
  • F.L.Y. at Phantasialand, a new generation Vekoma flying coaster.
  • Leviathan, Gravity Group wood coaster at Sea World in Australia.
  • Objectif Mars at Futuroscope (France), an Intamin launch coaster with a vertical drop track and indoor and outdoor segments.
  • Mack launch coaster for Dreamworld Australia

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Which new 2020 roller coaster are you most excited to ride? Let us know in the comments below!