10 Most Anticipated 2020 Roller Coasters Opening in North America

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  1. Alex says:

    CGA’s hyper will be in next year’s version of this article.

  2. Jeff Wrend says:

    Can’t wait for iron qwazi hopefully be able to ride next year

  3. Christopher Jones says:

    Iron Gwazi since I live close by.

  4. Jeffrey Harris says:

    I can’t wait for Orion. That is my most anticipated coaster of 2020.

  5. Sean Maurer says:

    I really think that Jersey Devil is going to be the winner this year. I absolutely loved RailBlazer when I rode it last year.

  6. Matthew Sullivan says:

    Jersey Devil for me!! We’ll see if I can make it down to BGW to get on Pantheon.

  7. Ashley says:

    Iron gwazi!!!!

  8. Ben Bradford says:

    Pantheon looks to be a solid addition for Williamsburg

  9. Dylan says:

    Orion looks amazing and it’s the Coaster I’ll most likely be able to ride this year! So excited!!!

  10. Zack Hankins says:

    Pantheon is easily the ride that I am most excited about this year simply because Intamin is my favorite manufacturer and this looks like one of their very best creations ever

  11. Chris C says:

    Iron Gwazi most definitely.

  12. Dominick? says:

    Iron Gwazi definitely

  13. Andrew Bartleet says:

    All great and can’t wait! But certainly can’t wait for Emperor to open nearby! 😀

  14. Pete Barrette says:

    The future looks great. I’d def go with Iron Gwazi for my most anticipated 2020 coaster.

  15. Nickolas hiser says:

    Can’t wait for kings island to open to ride Orion!!

  16. Jesus Reyes says:

    Iron Gwazi is definitely at my top as I will be heading to Busch Gardens once it opens. SteVe was amazing I can’t wait to see what RMC has in store for Iron Gwazi

  17. Kimberly Dykes says:

    CAN.NOT.WAIT.4.APRIL….February is down….March to go…..BRING ON ORION!!??

  18. Luke Hassemer says:

    For me the anticipated ride is definitely iron gwazi. It looks amazing. But also I am anticipating F.L.Y very much even though it isn’t on this list.

  19. Jeffrey Markowitz says:

    I’m most excited for the Jersey Devil. I think it looks like railblazrr on steroids and should be a great addition to SFGA

  20. Sam Donahue says:


  21. Alex Shell says:

    Definitely looking forward to Orion. Probably gonna be the first park I visit this year and going to be looking forward to them.

  22. Landon Deeter says:

    Can’t wait for Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

  23. Andrew Yates says:

    I am definitely most excited to ride Pantheon at BGW. The low-to-the-ground aspects in addition to the outerbank turn! It will be sure to be another great sight from the Italy/Oktoberfest Bridge. Plus, I’m going this spring so I will definitely be rushing to it first in the morning!

  24. Braden Loprete says:

    I definitely think that Iron Gwazi is my most anticipated coaster coming out this year. However Ice Breaker looks fantastic. I’ll be riding both this summer! Can’t wait!

  25. Mason Kuebler says:

    I’m excited to ride Hades 360 mostly. And trim less voyage

  26. Luke Otten says:

    I’m most excited for HersheyPark’s Candymonium! Looks like such a great addition to their already fantastic coaster lineup

  27. Jack Lathrop says:

    Orion! So happy to be getting another Giga in day trip range!

  28. Chad says:

    Iron qwazi, though I live nowhere near Florida lol

  29. Matt says:

    I’m most excited for Jersey Devil! Can’t wait for my first RMC

  30. Grant Farragher says:

    Hoping to ride Iron Gwazi on my trip this year! By far my most anticipated. Not to forget Orion?

  31. Jonas says:

    Im holding to ride Iron Gwazi since that is my most anticipated rollercoaster of the year.

  32. Dustin says:

    Iron Gwazi

  33. Ty says:

    Im most excited for Iron Gwazi

  34. Brandt says:

    Iron Gwazi followed by Pantheon. Looks like SeaWorld is going to kill it this year.

  35. Chris Miller says:

    Pantheon! Ready to see the return of Intamin!!!

  36. Alan B says:

    Most anticipated new coaster for 2020 is Orion.

  37. Rct3Bro says:

    Iron Gwazi looks amazing! Can’t wait to see some off-ride footage!

  38. Derek says:

    Pantheon – it’s good to see Intamin “back” in form in the USA. Looks like a great ride and will bring something different to the table.

  39. I wish I could ride them all, but I am really looking forward to Orion at Kings Island!!!!

  40. Chas Brosemer says:

    I can’t wait to ride Pantheon at Busch Gardens this summer!

  41. Brenden says:

    Iron Gwazi for sure! It’s freaking massive and will definitely be one heck of a thrill

  42. Justin Thomas says:

    I’m personally hoping to get on both Pantheon and Iron Gwazi this year! Both look like absolutely fantastic rides, and indicate a promising future for SeaWorld Entertainment!

  43. Jacob says:

    Im definitely excited for Pantheon! Intamin definitely took a page out of RMC’s book for this one. The wave turn and stall look incredible! 🙂

  44. Coasterfan87 says:

    Orion should be good! Excited to see how people perceive this unique B&M giga

  45. Sam says:

    Pantheon is the one I anticipate the most. Can’t wait to see if it’s reliable and the crazy banked turn over the river!!

  46. Freddy says:

    I can’t wait for Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens in Tampa! I’m excited for yet another RMC!

  47. mackenzie says:

    It may be common, but it’s gotta be Iron Gwazi. looks like it could de-throne Steel Vengence

  48. Daniel says:

    I’m ready for Orion!

  49. Mike Cassady says:

    I believe my most anticipated coaster for this year is the Jersey Devil! I rode Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso Coaster during passholder preview and will be going to rode Rail Blazer the first if April. The raptor track is such a unique design and so much fun. It has me very much looking forward to a longer coaster of this design to see what else they can do with it.

  50. Ismael says:

    I cant wait for iron gwazi!!

  51. Dallas says:

    I’m just here for the nanocoaster

  52. John Poprac says:

    I’m taking a trip down to Tampa this spring just to ride Iron Gwazi! I can’t wait to ride it!

  53. Eric Anderson says:

    Orion! I’m all about speed!

  54. Alan B says:

    Iron Gwasi looks to be the wildest new coaster for the 2020! Videos show some amazing track work imitating the gator roll.

  55. Harrison Schneider says:

    And looking back now, this post makes me chuckle.

  56. Bookkooks says:

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