Six Flags New England Building Indoor CYBORG Ride For 2019

An all new dark flat ride is coming to Six Flags New England in 2019. The park announced they are adding CYBORG, an indoor spinning ride.

The theme of the ride is that Cyborg invites you to S.T.A.R Labs to see a new technological device. When you’re there, a sentient cybernetic called The Grid hacks into the lab and takes control. You’re then caught in the middle of the battle while Cyborg fights for control. The description implies effects and theming on all sides of guests as they spin around.

“Innovation is part of the Six Flags DNA and Cyborg is a groundbreaking, new attraction that delivers an immersive dark ride experience with incredible special effects,” said Park President Pete Carmichael.

The ride will hold 24 guests who face outward as the ride spins with quick acceleration, with 20 total rotations per minute. The park also says it will feature state-of-the-art lighting and special effects. We aren’t 100% positive what model the ride actually is, but Screamscape hypothesized that it is a Chance Freestyle, and that seems to match up. Freestyles hold 24 riders in outward facing seats, and the center of the ride looks similar to what is seen in the teaser video and images.

Cyborg is set to open some time in 2019, but no firm date is given. For more on the ride, check out the Six Flags New England page here. You can find all of the Six Flags 2019 announcements here, and news about everything opening in 2019 here.

I’m personally pretty excited to see an indoor, heavily themed flat ride coming to a Six Flags park. Let us know your thoughts on the Cyborg announcement in the comments below.