Six Flags Qiddiya to Feature Maurer Spike Coaster

Maurer Rides today revealed details about Sea Stallion, the company’s newest Spike Coaster model, which will open at the currently under-construction Six Flags Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia.

Sea Stallion Spike Coaster by Maurer Rides at Six Flags Qiddiya

© Maurer Rides

Each ride vehicle will seat two guests, with one rider having speed control and a “boost button.” The track will stretch 1,673 feet in length and stand 39 feet tall with a top speed of 44 mph.

© Maurer Rides

Sea Stallion will feature a “Möbius layout,” meaning it will only have one track but will allow trains to duel with one another (think Twisted Colossus and West Coast Racers at Six Flags Magic Mountain). Much of the coaster’s layout will remain close to the ground and interact with an adjacent water ride.

© Maurer Rides

According to Maurer Rides, Sea Stallion “epitomizes the fusion of the elements of earth and water, offering visitors a wild ride on a sea stallion through a magical land of waterfalls, caves and geysers.”

© Maurer Rides

The coaster will have eight ride vehicles in total.

© Maurer Rides

Sea Stallion will be situated in the “Discovery Springs” area of Six Flags Qiddiya, one of the park’s six themed lands. It will be themed around the “timeless relationship between the desert and the sea.”

The roller coaster is under construction and will undergo extensive testing in the coming months. It will be Maurer’s third Spike Coaster built on land (another operates on a cruise ship).

Sea Stallion will join seven other coasters at Six Flags Qiddiya, including the world’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster, Falcon’s Flight. The theme park will be located in the Qiddiya destination-resort community roughly 40 minutes from the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh.

Sea Stallion Spike Coaster Animation

Watch an animation of Sea Stallion in action below:

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For more information about Six Flags Qiddiya, visit the park’s official website.

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