Download the Coaster101 Coaster Counter Template Now

Every year we visit amusement parks all over the country to ride the newest and best roller coasters. But how do we keep track of which coasters we’ve been on versus those we haven’t? Personally, I use Microsoft Excel everyday in my day job as an engineer, so I developed a track record Excel spreadsheet to help me log all my coaster credits. I recently asked our Facebook readers and Instagram followers if they would be interested in using my template. The response was overwhelming so I modified my spreadsheet into a template that anyone can use.


How to Use the Coaster Counter

The Coaster Counter spreadsheet is easy to use and there are instructions included in the file.


I also created a video to walk you through each sheet. And if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Coaster Stats

The Coaster Counter will show you how many roller coasters you’ve ridden, and what percentage of them are wood or steel.


I think it’s fun to know when you are approaching or have passed a major coaster riding milestone. I’m getting close to 200 unique coasters. If you choose to input the stats for each coaster you’ve ridden, you’ll be able to see some fun statistics, such as:

  • Percentage of wood vs steel
  • Total Length
  • Total Ridden Length
  • Average height, speed, inversions, and age
  • Ten tallest, fastest, longest, and loopiest coasters you’ve been on
  • Most by manufacturer
  • And more!


The Great Coaster Credit Debate

There is a lot of debate among coaster enthusiasts about what constitutes a new coaster credit. The beauty of this template is you can make up your own rules. Relocated coaster count as new? If you want it to. A racing coaster count as two credits? Whatever you prefer. You think RMC topper track should count as hybrid? Go ahead and add hybrid as a coaster type, no problem. I tried to make the spreadsheet as flexible as possible.


Download the Coaster101 Coaster Counter Now

To download for free, simply click the link below, enter 0 into the box, and submit your email address to get the template download link. We only ask for your email so that we can contact you if a new version of the file is available to download. I’ve included my own personal track record you can use as an example to fill yours out.

Download the Coaster101 Coaster Counter Template here.

Do you have any additional features you would like added? Do you like the stats section? Let us know what you think about the coaster counter template!