Universal Studios Hollywood Announces Fast & Furious Launch Coaster Opening in 2026

Universal Studios Hollywood today announced plans for Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift, a groundbreaking launched coaster with 360-degree rotating ride vehicles, that will open in 2026.

Themed to the popular film saga, Fast & Furious, the new launched coaster will tout “innovative and technological achievements never previously employed in a roller coaster.”

The state-of-the-art ride system is being uniquely designed to immerse guests within the high-speed Fast & Furious universe. Highlights will include groundbreaking 360-degree rotation of the individual ride vehicles as they rocket along an elaborate track meticulously constructed with sound reduction technology for a breathtaking, superior experience.

The rotating ride vehicles will give riders a “seamless sensation of drifting cars as guests spin in motion at furiously fast speeds.”

“As a premier entertainment theme park destination with a rich history in immersing guests in incredible rides based on today’s most inspiring movie, television and gaming properties, we are excited to introduce our very first, high-speed outdoor roller coaster,” said Scott Strobl, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Universal Studios Hollywood.

“As Universal Studios Hollywood continues to evolve, the arrival of ‘Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift’ will be a powerful game changer that will infuse a new level of thrill into our already dynamic theme park, and we look forward to welcoming guests when it races onto the scene in 2026.”

Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift will be located on the Upper Lot section of Universal Studios Hollywood. The coaster’s queue line will be staged within a large, red-brick, garage-style structure. The coaster’s ride vehicles will be modeled after several of the cars featured in the films.

Last summer, Universal Studios Hollywood announced that construction on a Fast & Furious coaster had begun but did not release additional details. Even with this announcement, details are still relatively bare.

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