Chatting with a Coaster101 Kid: Good Gravy!

We often give our adult opinions on new coasters and happenings within the amusement industry, but sometimes it’s nice to see the parks through fresh set of eyes. Today, we are going to sit down with Coaster101 Junior Correspondent, Andrew (not to be confused with the famous podcast host) to talk Good Gravy!—the brand new Vekoma Family Boomerang coaster that recently opened at Holiday World in Indiana!

If you have not yet read our review of the new ride, check it out here.


Let’s see what he had to say about his first media day experience:

C101: First off, tell us a little about yourself. What is your favorite roller coaster?

Andrew: Hi, I’m Andrew and I’m seven years old and I’ve ridden 53 different roller coasters. My favorite one is Wildcat’s Revenge.

C101: Were you excited to attend your first media day? What were you looking forward to the most?

Andrew: I was excited to go and was looking forward to riding it [Good Gravy!] the most because you got to get launched down from the top!

C101: What did you think of the themed area around the ride, Stuffing Springs? What kind of decorations did they have?

Andrew: The theme was really cool and I really liked the giant whisker. It’s not a cat whisker, it’s a whisker you whisk eggs with. It had a giant chicken timer and it had a little Dip’n’dots place.

C101: Was the Dip’n’dots place open?

Andrew: Yes it was and I had the rainbow one!

C101: The theming inside the Van Snoodle home is really fun. What was your favorite part of the queue?

Andrew: The talking picture frames. And it had a lot of different rooms with stuff in it. It had a bedroom and a bathroom.

C101: Did any of the rooms have any effects happening?

Andrew: One of the rooms had a music player goin’.  One had a TV going and one had an invisible man snoring! There also was a kitchen with cabinets opening and closing. I think I heard silverware banging in the dining room—ding ding ding.

C101: Let’s get to the roller coaster itself. How many times did you get ride and what was your favorite seat?

Andrew: Um… we rode it 13 times. My favorite seat was the front because it went straight up the spike!

C101: What was the most fun part of the ride?

Andrew: Oh, that’s too hard. I don’t know if it was the launcher or the spike!

C101: Was the train comfortable and the ride smooth?

Andrew: Yes it was comfortable. It was smooth. It’s not like The Bat and The Bat is not smooth.

C101: Have you ever been on anything like Good Gravy!?

Andrew: Yes there was a Jolly Rancher [Remix] one I went on that had a pull back and launch on.

C101: It seems like you’re quite the thrill seeker with some of these coasters you’ve been on! Was Good Gravy! still a fun ride for you and do you think it is a good coaster for younger kids?

Andrew: Yes. It was fun because you get to go up high on the spike and you got to get launched down. I think is a good coaster for younger kids because it doesn’t go up as high as other coasters and is not as scary. It also doesn’t have any [big] hills.

C101: Awesome. Did you get to ride anything else while you were at the park?

Andrew: I got to ride The Voyage, Gobbler Getaway, and Gobbler Whirl? I don’t know what it was called.

C101: Would you like to go back to Holiday World to ride Good Gravy! again and see the rest of the park?

Andrew: Yes I would like to ride Good Gravy! again because it was fun and exciting. [And] yes I would and to go to all of the different holidays and to ride the other two wooden roller coasters there, The Legend and The Raven! I also ate thanksgiving dinner there and the green beans and sweet potatoes were really good! The green beans were the best! I’d like to have the green beans again, they were so good!

There you have it folks; a take on Good Gravy! and Holiday World from one of the Coaster101 Kid Correspondents! Be on the lookout for a new episode of the Coaster101 Podcast where (little) Andrew and Kyle talk to (big) Andrew about their trip to Santa Claus!

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