What’s the Longest You’ve Waited for a Ride?

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11 Responses

  1. Harrison Schneider says:

    I only waited ten minutes for Batman the Ride. I hated it. Inverted loops are the worst. Massive headcrushers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A few weeks ago I think I had my longest wait time, it was a 2 hour wait for Steel Vengeance… Totally worth it

  3. Anthony says:

    2+ hours for Tatsu at Magic Mountain. It was the first time I rode it and it was well worth it

  4. Space mountain in Disney world 15 min
    I use the skip the line pass

  5. Mark Ashworth says:

    3.5 hrs for Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey, but then it was the day it opened.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Andrew, I’m with you on Superman: Ultimate Flight. When I rode it in 2013, the line was 2.75 hours long, running just one train. It was one of the only times I’ve considered leaving the queue of an operating coaster.

  7. Dylan Q says:

    I once waited in a line for Avatar Flight of Passage ride at Animal Kingdom for 420 minutes. which is 7 hours

    • miranda says:

      Yep, absolutely the longest line i’ve ever waited in. However mine was 5 1/2 hours. Not as bad as some other people’s experience

  8. Tanner J says:

    Longest I’ve waited in line was 3.5 hours for Xcelerator at Knotts SCARY FARM. We waited so long we didn’t get to ride it cause our uber didn’t want to wait for us.

  9. Cooper says:

    I never waited in it but the longest I’ve seen is 150 minutes for grinnich when I was passing by, it came out the building .p.

  10. Coaster Productions says:

    There was a period where I was obsessed about the starflyer at my local park. There were multiple times where I waited half an hour in the que then it would close and I would stay in the line for another half an hour.

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