Roller Coaster Design Trends and Technology

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  1. Ryan31S says:

    I also think that in addition to Winged trains, we are also seeing an increase in open train design in general. Take a look at all of the “normal” Intamin trains – they have no sides. Additionally, B&M have been working on the V-shaped hypercoaster trains.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Ryan. I totally agree with you there. Premier’s new coaster trains found on Sky Rocket and Superman: Ultimate Flight are also very open with no sides. Good observation!

  3. CoasterGeek123 says:

    I think the new ride designs are becoming alot more complex like X-flight. I went on X flight and it was definitely a cool experience. And once you go on left side the fun isn’t over cause you can try the right side. I can’t wait to see more of the new designs engineers come up with in the next few years.

  4. kyle says:

    Another trend in recent years has been restraint tech. Designers are trending away form traditional over shoulder aunts for inverting coasters and doing either lap restraints and ergonomic seats or over head restraints with some kind of rubber matt over shoulders and chest.

    Aka: new vekoma trains
    . B&M wing/flying coasters
    . Premier launch coasters
    And RMC’s new trains for Outlaw Run

  5. Thanks Kyle. Restraint design has to be one of the most challenging aspects of roller coasters designs – to safely secure the widest range of body sizes as possible. I appreciate the designers trying to create more open and comfortable restraints (some with mixed succes, see the comments in our Skyrush review Hopefully we’ll seee even more improvements in this area in the future.

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