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Roller Coaster Wheel Material Science with Kate Kujawa

The ideal roller coaster experience is super-fast, super smooth and gets the rider’s adrenaline pumping. The roller coaster needs to be aerodynamic, durable, capable of holding a large load and pass all safety regulations.  One important factor taken into consideration...


Coasters-101: Why do roller coasters “sway”?

Every so often you’ll see a video uploaded online of a roller coaster’s track visibly moving or “swaying” as a train races over it. This swaying movement is very startling to those who have never seen it before, especially in...


Coasters-101: Launch Systems

In the last edition of Coasters-101 we discussed how roller coasters are raised to their highest point via lift hills. Today we’re going to examine a more thrilling alternative to the traditionally slower lift hills: launch systems! Limitations like height...