Coney Island Cyclone Refurb Comparison

While we’re on the subject of Coney Island, I thought the release of the below video was perfect timing.

Earlier this year, we reported that the famous Coney Island Cyclone was to be revamped by the guys at Great Coasters International. Today Coney Island released a video comparing the before and after of the coaster’s renovation.

There is still work left to be done on some portions of the coaster, but as seen in the video a noticeable change has taken place. It’s great to see such great care being taken to preserve this historic coaster.


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4 Responses

  1. RCT Pro says:

    Care, if they actually CARED about it the drop wouldn’t have been lowered AND the ride wouldn’t be FASTER. And i understand about the banking being slighty diffrerent with the new track, but they should have done nothing to the ride as they trashed a landmark. And after seeing this, I have almost NO faith in the indrusty if they fuck up a classic coaster like this. And the only places that i have ANY faith is in Canada and any place OTHER than the United States. And I’ll list my reasons why the U.S. is a crap hole for thrill rides now.
    1. Verbolten; bad replacement for a classic ride with too much dependecy on special effects that will break
    2. X-Flight; too slow and will be cloned like Batman and SUF before it, and The Swarm is better then it
    3. TMNT Shell Shock; have to work for a thrill with wings that you can use but don’t do crap

  2. Paul Defazio says:

    What a huge disappointment. After 85 years, now they think it needs to be tamed?

  3. Paul Defazio says:

    It’s as if they’re suddenly worried about injury liability.

  4. Paul DeFazio says:

    They raised the bottom of the 1st plunge, thus getting the car to the top of the 1st hill a second faster. If they mess with the rest of the drops, they may as well burn it down.

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