Six Flags Great America Fright Fest 2011

It has been six years since I last went to Six Flags Great America for Fright Fest. A lot has changed since 2005, so I looked forward to seeing how this Fright Fest compared:

The day started out gloomy, but the skies would soon clear.

It wouldn’t be Fright Fest without a lot of red water!


Got an open grassy area? Grave yard. Done. You can never go wrong with a grave yard.

That shouldn’t be too hard to do in one day.

Whizzer, renamed Biohazard for Fright Fest, was the perfect way to start out the day.

The skies soon cleared which made for some great shots of Raging Bull.

We can still see you!

Raging Bull’s overbanked turns make for some exciting ride experiences, especially if you’re sitting in a outer seat.

American Eagle (the blue side hadn’t yet opened). I don’t care much for the awkward place they decided to stop the new coat of paint.

Demon’s second loop peaks above the rest of the park.

Kidzopolis always seems to have a good crowd.

V2 makes the climb up the twisted spike.

Raging Bull is just a tab bit taller than Little Dipper. Just a tad.

The lines weren’t bad at all on Sunday. Batman was one of the few rides that I didn’t get a chance to ride.

Just about everything at Six Flags Great America is renamed for Fright Fest, including Yankee Harbor. Welcome to Port Dread!

I was hoping the holding brake would be working on V2 but I was sadly disappointed.

The changing leaves made for some great “through-the-trees” photo opportunities.

Dying Trapeze. I was surprised to seeing it operating!

Again, the leaves really made for some great shots.

All sides of Giant Drop were operating.

Terror Twister 2: awesome indoor teacups.

I guess the Jetsons didn’t want to pay for parking!

I can’t imagine Hometown Square without Whizzer’s iconic spiral lifthill.

The train is a great way to see some behind-the-scenes areas of the park.

As I said earlier, the crowds were relatively light, especially during the daytime.

American Eagle seemed to be running really well (at least the blue side was).

I think the “Six Saints” ride cemetery is a great idea.

Mr. Six might even be buried here!

Most of the major rides that have been removed from the park are referenced in the display.

As the sun slowly began its descent… the scarier side of Fright Fest would begin to show.

Grown adults would run from this monster, but not this little guy. He stopped for a conversation!

The park might want to invest in a new perch for King Kong. I be the people inside there are quite hungry!

Rue Le Dodge… I guess that name was creepy enough to stay for Fright Fest.

I think that Superman would still have a long line even if there were only two people in the park.

The clowns in the Mardi Gras area weren’t that scary. Rather, many of them were comical. I guess that’s why they’re dressed as clowns!

Testing out a new ride concept, perhaps?

The Necropolis walkthrough was very entertaining.

This guy didn’t survive the Superman wait.

All in all, I was very impressed with Six Flags Great America’s Fright Fest. Once the sun began to set, the ghouls were out an about in respectable numbers. Although I refuse to pay for the upcharge haunted houses, I found everything else the park offered was more than enough.

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