Skip the wait at Knott’s Berry Farm

According to the LA Times, Knott’s Berry Farm recently began offering a front-of-the-line access pass dubbed “Hate to Wait,” making it the first park in the Cedar Fair chain to utilize a line skipping system. Front-of-the-line access is available at ” five roller coasters (Silver Bullet, GhostRider, Pony Express, Sierra Sidewinder and Boomerang), the Supreme Scream drop tower,  the Timber Mountain Log Ride and the Screamin’ Swing.”

The pass can be purchased for $40. I wonder if this means other parks will also begin to use this program. If I had only one day at a large park such as Cedar Point, I’d definitely fork over $40 or possibly even more to ensure that I could get more rides in.

What are your thoughts on programs such as these?


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