Great America Construction and Deconstruction

Six Flags Great America is building one roller coaster while simultaneously taking another one down. Needless to say, there’s a lot going on at the park:

Thanks to the X-Flight construction site, you can now see clearly from Demon’s corkscrews all the way to what’s left of Iron Wolf.

Six Flags Great America is utilizing chain link fencing rather than traditional wooden construction walls to shield guests from the X-Flight construction site.

This gives us a spectacular view of the construction site. Unfortunately, with the park closing in a couple of weeks, guests will not get the chance to watch most of the construction progress.

The park seems to be grinding up the leftover concrete from Splashwater Falls and the antique cars track rather than hauling it offsite.

I had no idea there was this much space available for use! It just goes to show, no matter how cramped a park may seem, they will always find room for a new attraction.

Work on preparing the footers has already begun.

The antique cars are still onsite. Perhaps we’ll see them make a return in the future.

The fact that the antique car garage was spared likely means that the antique cars will make a return or X-Flight will somehow use the structure.

In a few months, this shot will look much different.

You can catch a glimpse of X-Flight track (and dismantled Iron Wolf track) from the park’s train, Superman: Ultimate Flight, Condor, and several other attractions.

Now, let’s shift gears. While X-Flight hasn’t yet risen vertically, pieces of Iron Wolf are slowly coming down in preparation for the coaster’s move to Six Flags America:

Iron Wolf is slowly but surely coming down.

A row of carefully-placed corn separates guests from the Iron Wolf station.

Although the ride’s vertical loop has been removed, the lift hill and first strop still stand.

However, a significant portion of the ride has already been removed.

This area of land will likely appear much larger once all is said and done.

I’ve never considered just how much work goes into dismantling a coaster.

Your ride ends here.

The actual ride might have been painful, but I always found Iron Wolf to be very easy on the eyes.

They still have a ways to go as far as deconstruction goes.

Adios, Iron Wolf. We wish you all the best at Six Flags America.

Thanks for reading. We’ll have more updates from the park in the coming weeks.

Click here to see photos from the rest of our day at Six Flags Great America.

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  1. Jack says:

    I never realized (or forgot) the train went underneath Iron Wolf. I don’t think I rode the train on my only visit, in 2003. Wish I could have ridden it (or again), and ridden Iron Wolf again before it’s move.

    And while I never ride any Shoot-the-Chutes, Splashwater Falls was a people eater, so now X-Flight will be more crowded than it could have been if they’d left SF and the antique cars.

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