Carowinds Camp Snoopy Construction Update

Last Friday, while we were at Carowinds taking a look at the ongoing progress for Winterfest, we also had the opportunity to look at some of the construction of Camp Snoopy, which will be replacing Planet Snoopy at the park in 2018.

New Location for the Character Carousel

Built in 1923, Carowinds’ Character Carousel has been operating at the park since 1979. As part of the Camp Snoopy expansion, it will move across the park from its current location in Planet Snoopy to a new location in front of Vortex.

The Carousel, which is a Philadelphia Toboggan Company original (#67), will operate in its current location in Planet Snoopy through the conclusion of Winterfest.

The new ride building is located in front of Vortex, and is progressing nicely.


The carousel will actually cross state lines in the move, from its current location in South Carolina, over to North Carolina.


It may just be because its where I live, but the new ride structure has a very “Pinehurst” feel to it. (I imagine very few people will understand what I mean by this, so here’s an image of the Carolina Hotel at Pinehurst Resort. The cupola on top, copper roofing and the white paneling all seem very similar to me, and as a Pinehurst native, it’s a nice North Carolina touch.)

Deconstruction of Planet Snoopy

As part of the Camp Snoopy Expansion, two attractions are closing for good; Snoopy’s Space Race (above, which has already been removed) and Woodstock’s Whirlybirds helicopter ride.

The Woodstock Gliders (below) have also been removed, and will be relocated to a new location in the park during the off-season.


We’ll try to stay up to speed with Camp Snoopy Construction during the off-season. For more information about Camp Snoopy, be sure to visit Carowinds’ Website, and follow the park on Facebook and Twitter.

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