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What We Think About the 2018 Six Flags Announcements

A couple weeks ago the whole Coaster101 team got together to share our mostly positive thoughts about the 2018 Cedar Fair announcements (which included four pretty awesome looking coasters). Now it’s Six Flags’ turn, as they made new attraction announcements...


Wonder Woman Star Flyer Coming to Six Flags America

Six Flags America will be joining its sister parks in 2017 with the addition of a Star Flyer type swing ride. While all of the other US Six Flags’ have “SkyScreamer” named Star Flyers, Six Flags America will be getting...


Four Six Flags Parks to add Giant Loops for 2015

A familiar fairground attraction is getting a supersized theme park twist in 2015. Six Flags America, Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags Great Adventure will all unveil their own version of the Larson Giant Loop...