My Plan to Visit Seven New Parks Over Nine Days

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  1. Brian MacDonald says:

    If you’re mostly interested in coasters, Dorney’s a half-day park. Two decent B&Ms, one rather nice Morgan hyper, a very old woodie, and an impulse coaster that I don’t particularly care for. The B&Ms are near the entrance, but the entrance to Steel Force is way at the back, and nearly hidden. Unless the park is particularly busy, you’ll probably walk on.

  2. Philip Roth says:

    At Dorney start at Steel Force and make your way back up cardiac hill. Most people hit up the waterpark during the day. Don’t forget to feed the trout and ducks at the pond by demon drop it will give you a short history lesson and add some relaxation after demon drop. There is another small park near Hershey called Dutch wonderland if you want another small kitch Park like Knobels.

  3. Sarah Cummings says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your list! We’re also planning to visit some parks with my friends too since it is more difficult to book a flight for beaches. 🙂

  4. Janey Gunning says:

    I just hit a few of these parks this summer, and if you want something amazing to eat, try the Orange Chicken or Mongolian Beef at MARCO POLO’S Marketplace, which specializes in Italian, Mediterranean & Asian fare.

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