Our Thoughts on Six Flags’ New for 2019 Announcements

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2 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    I figured SFOG would get a Zamperla Giant Discovery, if not a different flat ride, or Hurricane Harbor expansion. Maxx Force and West Coast Racers look sweet. Cyborg dark ride at SFNE looks neat too. Supergirl getting her first ever ride, in the form of Zamperla Endeavor at SFSL.

    Six Flags parks have milestone anniversaries coming up. 2019 being 45th anniversary for SFGADV and 65th for Great Escape, and they kind of were overlooked for coasters. Great Escape is going on 14 years since receiving a coaster. SFGADV getting Zamperla Giant Discovery isn’t too bad, but I could see 2020 being the year for next big coaster. 2020 will be the 150th anniversary for SFNE. 2021 will be 60th for SFOT, and 50th for both SFMM and SFSL. I’d hope those 4 parks could be positioned to receive headline coasters or attractions.

    With Apocalypse at SFA being convert from stand-up to floor-less, and rechristened as Firebird, I wouldn’t be surprised to see SF parks converting its remaining B&M stand-up coasters to floor-less in the next few years. I could see SFOG being next in line to convert Georgia Scorcher to floor-less. SFMM and SFGADV both have a stand-up and a floor-less, and that could be interesting. I could see a traditional sit-down as a possibility, if we don’t see them relocating a coaster to another SF park.

    No RMC coasters for 2019 in North America market, as they’re focusing on 2 parks outside the US. I’d imagine we may see something good in 2020. I could see SFGADV possibly getting first ever T-Rex coaster. In the next couple of years, I could see I-Box conversions for The Boss at SFSL, Le Monstre at La Ronde, Predator at Darien Lake, and Roar at SFA.

  2. Dany says:

    Eric there was a supergirl ride at Mexico

    Better yet, WHY HASN’T CYBORG BEEN ADDED TO ST. LOUIS YET? HE’S BLACK! And I’m not being racist, either; sorry if i made it seem like i was

    And of course Grid is shoehorned in the Cyborg ride because THEY CAN’T THINK OF ANYONE ELSE THAT HAS APPEARED IN THE COMICS! Come on where is Kazuki, Alluria, Rosh, or Sohta?

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