The Coaster101 Podcast: Carowinds’ Hurler is Getting RMC’d – No, Not That Way.

Hurler at Carowinds is getting RMC’d. Pause for gasp. But not quite in the way you’re thinking those letters typically represent, where Rocky Mountain Construction is involved.

Instead, Hurler is receiving Routine Maintenance by Carowinds.

This week on the podcast, we’re joined by Steve Jackson, Carowinds’ Director of Maintenance and Construction, for a first-hand look at Hurler’s reconstruction, which Carowinds is doing in-house – and according to Steve, one of the few parks out there with an in-house team capable of re-construction and re-profiling of a wooden coaster like Hurler. We learn a little history about the land itself, the process of reconstruction and reprofiling, the importance of having a classic wooden roller coaster, and generally just nerd out for about 20 minutes with Steve.

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