Fire in the Hole Behind-the-Scenes Construction Tour

This past Monday I had the incredible opportunity to attend the big reveal at Silver Dollar City for the announcement of their new 2024 attraction. Here’s a quick rundown of the event, including the behind-the-scenes tour of the Fire in the Hole construction site.

A large crowd gathered outside Heritage Hall around 9am.

After a performance by a live band, the show was on.

Fire in the Hole was unveiled as the new attraction for 2024. Brad Thomas, President of Silver Dollar City Attractions, came onstage to tell us more about this exciting addition.

Fire in the Hole will be the Heartland’s largest indoor roller coaster and the temperature controlled building will be comfortable whether it’s the heat of the summer or in the cold of winter.

Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) is the company that manufactured all the track for Fire in the Hole (which is already all installed) right here in the USA.

I just love this picture of Powder Keg:

Here you can see how massive the five-story building is and it’s location relative to Fireman’s Landing:

The whole area is now being renamed “The Fire District.”

All the attendees received a gift and some cinnamon bread – it doesn’t get better than that!

Silver Dollar City’s Big Reveal

Here are some highlights from the big reveal event:

Fire in the Hole Construction Tour

After the opening presentation, we walked down to the site of the new ride to get an up-close look at the incredible progress that has already been made.

The exterior of the building looks largely completed except for one missing section:

The splashdown finale:

fire in the hole splashdown

Some of the show scene sets are starting to come together:

One of the three drops on the indoor roller coaster:

See even more construction photos on our Facebook page.

Or watch the video below for even more of the construction tour:

Beyond 2024 at Silver Dollar City

The park didn’t say much, but they hinted at huge plans for Silver Dollar City in the future. Fire in the Hole is just the first $30 million dollar investment out of $200 million that will be spent in the coming years. They’re also purchased a ton of land recently, so the future is very bright at Silver Dollar City indeed.

Thanks again to Silver Dollar City for inviting us out and putting on an incredible ceremony! This park really blew me away and we’ll have even more to say about it soon – so stay tuned.

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Are you excited for the new version of Fire in the Hole at Silver Dollar City? Let us know in the comments below!