Wildcat’s Revenge Topped Off and More Construction Photos

Hersheypark today shared exciting new photos and video of Wildcat’s Revenge construction, including the installation of the Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) hybrid coaster’s arch-like lift hill pinnacle.

Wildcat’s Revenge is Hersheypark’s 15th roller coaster and is a reimagining of the former Wildcat wooden coaster, the structure of which will support RMC’s signature I-Box track.

The coaster will stretch 3,510 feet in length — trains will reach a top speed of 62 mph at the base of the 82-degree first drop.

The coaster’s lift hill will now climb 140 feet into the sky, a significant increase over Wildcat’s 106-foot-tall lift hill.

Wildcat’s Revenge will pack four inversions, including the world’s largest “underflip,” an inversion that starts with an upward climb, followed by a 270-degree roll and a sideways dive.

Even prior to the arch’s installation, Wildcat’s Revenge’s imposing structure and its striking red track are already making a big impact on the Hersheypark skyline:

The coaster will look even more menacing once the track is installed on the lift hill.

Wildcat’s Revenge is expected to open this summer.

See video of the top arch being installed below:

To learn more about Wildcat’s Revenge, visit the Hersheypark website.

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