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Lagoon Announces State-of-the-Art Attraction “Over 7 Years in the Making”

After a six day countdown of teases, Lagoon Park officially announced their new-for-2023 state-of-the-art attraction, Primordial. This interactive coaster has been under development and construction for over seven years. After waiting so long, the anticipation couldn’t be higher, especially as the park promises “a ride experience like you have never seen.” However, not much other detail was released, keeping the complete ride experience shrouded in mystery after all these years still. Check out a short teaser video of Primordial from Lagoon:

What we do know, Lagoon has “worked with an international team of designers and manufacturers, including amazing local companies and vendors, to create and produce this incredible state-of-the-art attraction.” One of these companies is assumed to be ART Engineering GmbH, a German engineering company who helped Lagoon with two former coasters, Bombora and Cannibal. ART Engineering is also known for previously creating an interactive dark ride/coaster combo for Canada’s Wonderland, called Wonder Mountain’s Guardian. Intermountain Lift, a local company who did the track for Cannibal, is assumed to have manufactured the track for Primordial as well.

ART Engineering Services – how many of these elements will we find on Primordial?

Construction photos show bright green track going up the outside of the large mountain structure followed by a drop down into a figure eight style segment before rising and disappearing into the giant mountain.
The roller coaster track changes color from green to a greyish/tan once inside the mountain.
primordial lagoon

Primordial means “existing at or from the beginning of time; primeval.” The teaser video and logo appear to be hinting towards a dragon theme.
lagoon primordial
I love that Primordial has been engineered to accommodate riders at 36” in height. Riders under 48” must be accompanied by a supervising companion. Other restrictions for riding may apply.

Are you excited for Primordial? What do you think the ride experience will entail? Let us know in the comments below.


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