Alabama Adventure to Become Waterpark Only

Local news in Alabama reports that the new owner of the Alabama Adventures amusement park (formerly known as Visionland) has announced that the theme park side of the park will cease to exist, and that the waterpark side will be rebranded as Alabama’s “Splash Adventure” waterpark.

However, a small portion of the original theme park will be preserved:

“The park will keep its Main Street row of shops, eats and amusements, and the water park will expand with additions that extend its reach toward the Main Street area.”

The new owners are investing $1.5 million dollars in new attractions for the waterpark:

“The new attractions will be:

• Aqua Course, a first-of-its-kind water-filled obstacle course — think a less painful version of the television show “Wipeout” — with a range of adventurous thrills to safe-but-fun activities. It will have foot-activated water features, water cannons, splash buckets and other interactive features, and it also can be used as a dry attraction when the weather turns cooler.

• A water maze similar to labyrinths at other amusement parks but with the added element of water walls, sprinklers and dumping buckets of water.

•  The Friday night “Dive-In Movies” program will show movies on a big screen while viewers recline on inner tubes in the wave pool (turned off during movie time) or on a towel or beach chair on the wave pool’s “beach.”

• A zip line is being installed on the back side of the water park between the water slide and the Upsurge attraction.”

The “dry” rides are currently being sold off, including the Rampage wooden coaster. None of the theme park rides are expected to be incorporated into Splash Adventure.