Skyline Attractions Announces “TrailRunner” Family Coaster Concept

When it comes to the IAAPA Expo, Skyline Attractions always has a new ride concept or two up their sleeves. We’ve seen the debut of the Skywarp, Horizon, Orbit and more over the past few years! Ahead of next week’s 2022 edition of the IAAPA Expo, Skyline has done it once again, announcing the new “TrailRunner” family coaster concept.

Expanding on the weld-free track design that the Orlando ride innovators debuted with the introduction Great Coasters International’s “Titan Track” and Skyline’s own single-railĀ  “P’Sghetti Bowl” Children’s Coaster, TrailRunner is the perfect family coaster for any amusement park. According to Skyline Attractions — The one-of-a-kind ride is thrilling for young and old alike and can be custom designed for any location, matching the existing terrain to minimize costs and create a totally unique ride experience.

Unlike the P’Sghetti Bowl trains, which feature one rider per car, passengers on TrailRunner ride in a train with two passengers per row. There are options for both a lift hill or family-friendly launch to begin the coaster, before the coaster navigates a series of twisted turns, helices and gentle drops, all of which can be designed to fit a park’s natural landscape. If a park lacks the terrain for a terrain coaster, Skyline Attractions also offers custom-designed options for parks that are more topographically challenged.

The inclusive ride vehicles can feature a train of up to 12 two-passenger cars, each with individual adjustable lap bars. The train allows for riders as short as 40″, but is also “comfortably accessible” for larger adults. The TrailRunner trains only feature one row per car, allowing for substantially greater articulation in all directions than many other family-sized roller coasters. The articulation allows for zippier transitions, more thrilling maneuvers, and an overall smoother ride experience.

Skyline Attractions makes it clear for operators that the TrailRunner is a cost-conscious option for parks of all sizes. With the ability to utilize a park’s terrain, the need for excessive support structures is minimized, and the simple, albeit fully-customizable trains, and weld-free (and also customizable) track design mean a significant decrease in maintenance costs.

We’ve heard this isn’t the last of announcements from Skyline Attractions that will happen at IAAPA! Stay tuned!

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