Skyline Attractions Announces Skywarp at IAAPA 2016

IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 kicks off this week in Orlando, and one company has already announced exciting plans for a new ride.

Skyline Attractions’ Skywarp “coaster” is touted to incorporate “modern technology with big structure, major thrills, speed, inversions, interaction and capacity while simplifying operations and maintenance.”


The dual-inversion ride resembles a giant pretzel loop inversion from afar and “brings riders tantalizingly close to one another” thanks to the ride’s two trains.

Skywarp Stats:

Height: 62 feet

Length: 360 feet

Riders per cycle: 32 (800 per hour)


Skywarp’s compact footprint measures 30 by 120 feet, making it an ideal addition for parks with limited space.

The company teased the ride in September, but have now disclosed detailed specifics about the ride.


The ride features two stations, each accommodating a 16-rider train. This allows for a two-train operation without the need for a ride block and sensor system.

“Skywarp has everything that operators of all sizes desire: Big impact, big thrills, big visibility, and big capacity with a small footprint and a small price,” the Skyline team said in a news release.

The company also revealed that while drive tires will be the standard propulsion method for the Skywarp model, “linear synchronous motors from a proven industry expert are an optional substitute to further streamline the system.”

Both methods will “gradually rock the train back and forth until reaching full speed, reducing power consumption and minimizing required infrastructure improvements.”

Watch a video of Skywarp in action below:

If you’re attending IAAPA 2016 this week, a virtual version of Skywarp will be available for attendees, along with Skylines’ “Crazy Crab” themed kids’ ride.

For more IAAPA 2016 updates, follow this page.

What parks do you think could use a Skywarp? Share your ideas in the comments section below.


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  1. Edward says:

    When I saw the still picture I thought to myself, “Good Lord…that’s an accident waiting to happen.” After watching the video, I realize it’s a clever concept. A figure-8 Super Loop. Totally new twist (!) on a proven ride type while basically doubling capacity per cycle and still keeping a small footprint. I hope this one gets off the boards and into the parks.

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