Designing and Indoor Theme Park and More With Dave Cobb: Part 2 – Coaster101 Podcast

We’re back this week on the Coaster101 Podcast with Part 2 of our interview with veteran theme park designer Dave Cobb!

Last week we talked all about Dave’s start at Universal and his work as the Creative Director on Men in Black: Alien Attack. This week we move on to work he’s done since Universal, including a stint at Paramount designing rides like ¬†Italian Job: Stunt Track¬†(now the Backlot Stunt Coaster), up through his more recent work as the lead designer of Warner Brothers World in Abu Dhabi. We highly recommend checking out the walk through of Warner Bros World from In The Loop below to see how amazing it is. We also get into Dave’s favorite roller coasters – he’s got some good picks! – as well as his favorite dark rides and dark ride tech or tricks that he wished he could have used on Men in Black.

Courtesy Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

If you missed it last time, we highly recommend listening to the livestream he did for Men in Black: Alien Attack’s 20th anniversary last Spring, and his recent interview on the ParkStop Podcast with Alicia Stella for more details on Men in Black. Make sure you also follow Dave on Twitter, and on his youtube page.

As always, if you’ve got any questions or comments for us, email [email protected], or hit us up on social media at @Coaster101 everywhere. Send us questions, we always want more things to talk about! And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast, and give us a rating and review!





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