Sidewinder Safari Construction Tour at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

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  1. On contrary of the article from Coaster 101, Reverchon is still operating in its original headquarters in Samois France. Reverchon is the creator inventor of the Spinning Coaster. It has been produced and delivered worldwide more than 70 times. Zamperla has delivered the same ride far later without reaching the performance of the Reverchon ride in terms of capacity, thrills, motion and emotions. The new 2020 Spinning Coaster fully redesigned and certified EN13814 has recently been delivered to Buwalda Netherland, Schneider Germany and Aussie World Australia.
    It features of course the new car with indépendant restreint systems, magnetic brakes, continuous moving station, new Stall Turn track effect, Power Lift Launch system with acceleration from 0 to 6m/s in 2,2 seconds, heavy duty construction, built for more than 5 million cycles, it will deliver decades of satisfaction. #reverchonrides #Heidithecoaster #dingoracer #aussieworld

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