New Details Revealed About the World’s Tallest, Fastest and Longest Coaster

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  1. Linda Davis says:

    I think it’s awesome. My only question is why didn’t you build it in the United States? I travel around the country for big rollercoasters

    • DallestSmick says:

      1) not everything has to be in the USA.
      2) they don’t build it for you
      3) there is way more money in that country
      4) work force is way cheaper there with less safety regulations and stuff

    • W Vigneux says:

      Hey Linda, did you know that the USA is not the only country in the world and people in other countries also enjoy things? Ugh, I hate the USA only mentality that you people have.

      • anna says:

        Actually, I will argue that six flags cannot keep up with what they already have. Some of their parks suck. Also, if you look at it solely based on quality, some people can argue that kings island and Carowinds are better than great adventure which is supposed to be six flags’ second-best park. They fail in comparison to Cedar Fair, Cedar Fair continues to put out original rollercoasters, meanwhile, six flags continues to put out S&S free spins and Superloops which they for some reason advertise the super loops as coasters. I think this mentality of every park gets a ride every year holds them back in investing in unique rides. Therefore, I think it is dumb for them to even invest in another park because they can’t even figure out how to focus on some of the parks they already have. Cedar Fair is guilty as well however Cedar Fair does not just go out and say um I know what about let’s invest the most money in a place in the middle of nowhere. Saudi Arabia is also very difficult to go to.

  2. Bryan says:

    There is an exactly 0% chance this ever gets built

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